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The model FT17H is an easy to use high performance horn tweeter. With its precisely engineered horn part and specially made diaphragm, it offers sharp sound and high efficiency. Its magnetic circuit is constructed with low magnetic leakage, and it can be used as a plus-one tweeter for main speaker system just with plain network. It is suited to use in combination with Fostex FE-series or FF-series full range speaker drivers. The Fostex FT17H features a frequency response that extends out to 50 kHz and has a high sensitivity, rated at 98.5 dB / 1W / 1m. The nominal impedance of the FT17H horn tweeter is 8 ohms making the horn tweeters easy to drive even with small amplifiers. The FT17H horn tweeter uses a shielded magnet. The overall weight of the FT17H tweeter is 340 g (0.75 lbs). Included with the horn tweeter are mounting screws and a datasheet. A gasket comes affixed to the tweeter housing.


The build quality of the Fostex FT17H horn tweeter is good for the price range. The horn super tweeter offers a crisp high frequency response that extends out well past the audible range. Provided that a crossover point in-excess of about 10 kHz is used, the performance is very good. The FT17H is ideal for mounting in an enclosure – front and rear firing. The FT17H offers high cost performance and is well suited for added that last little bit of sparkle and air to high sensitivity speaker systems. From the Fostex FT17H datasheet a crossover frequency of 5 kHz or more is recommended. We have had good results with this tweeter using a first-order crossover in the 10 to 15 kHz range. You can use an L-Pad attenuator to match the tweeter level to your speakers. The low cost FT17H is ideal for use as a rear mounted super tweeter.

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