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Electrolytic Cap aluminum capacitor

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The Electrolytic Cap is standard type aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

It offers great usability for budget and medium range crossover application.
A great choice for bass section on crossovers.

Being price friendly and versatile, this capacitor is great for lower budget
application and when there is limited space on the crossover.


Capacitor foil: Aluminum electrolytic / metal oxide layer
Voltage rating: 100 VDC / 35 VAC
Capacitance tolerance: +/- 10% (on nominal value)
Capacitance change rate: Less than +/- 20%
Temperature range: – 40C to + 85C
Leakage current: < 0.003 CRUR (μA) /120S operation
Dissipation factor: @1 KHZ, tgδ: Less than 200% of set value / @1KHZ: less than 0.10
Signal direction: Non (non-polarized capacitor)

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