Magnepan MG 3.5 R crossover upgrade

Maggies are great to listen to however can perform a lot better with an upgraded crossover network.

The upgrade that we describe here is expensive but will really be worth it and upgrades your MG3.5/R to the ultimate dream speaker you always wished for which performs at it’s absolute peak. The kit available in our shop comes in several variations and in this build we use the best and most expensive one.

The kit can be found in our webshop here.

On the right you find the original two part crossover installed by the manufacturer. The high and mid parts are build into the panel and the low and mid section comes in a separate external box.

As always it is unbelievable that an expensive unit is equipped with a crossover like this. Very inexpensive parts that you would expect in a cheap loudspeaker system but not in a Magnepan, so we need to upgrade this to a level that should have been there in the first place.

In this project we will tell you how to open the speaker to get to the crossover, remove all the parts, rewire the connections to the panel, build the replacing (external) crossover and connect everything again.

Read carefully and make excellent solder joints for good connections.
Succes !

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