Welcome Audiophiles

Are you a real Audiophile and always seeking the best quality sound from your system, we like to support you with a range of products to achieve just that. Diy-Hifi supplies high-end audio kit’s and modules from Audio products as well as a complete range of products to extend and upgrade your system.

Building or designing a better crossover filter for your speakers system with the best possible and affordable coils and capacitors with support from us. We can help you to chose the best replacement parts for your crossover and even assist in designing a new filter from the ground up.

You can even send in your existing crossover and we will design and build a new one for you and describe the process in our projects section to offer the information to others.

We describe projects with Audio products modules to create audiophile high end products like power amplifiers, active crossovers and more. Easy to build with support from us to help you get though the building process if you should need it.

In the knowledge section on our website you can find articles to help you understand all kinds of things about audio and related electronics in general.

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